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In the investment world, there are some things that hold truth whether you are a new investor or a seasoned investor. Here are 5 Keys to successful investing across the different asset classes (i.e. Equity, Cash, Property, Bonds)

1.  Have a financial road-map/goal

The first key to successful investing is to have a clear financial goal. Ask yourself WHY are you investing? This will inform how long you want to invest and it will dictate the risk you can afford to take. 

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Time to burst those myths!


Myth 1.                        You need bucket loads of money to start

I did an Instagram live session and a Facebook live session on investing for beginners, in this session, I showed how easy it is to start investing. Investing doesn’t have to be intimidating or scary and you certainly don’t need tons of money to start. You can start small and build up from there.

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What is a unit trust?

  • A Unit trust is a type of investment that makes it easy and affordable for the “man on the street” to invest in the financial markets.
  • Your funds are pooled together with other investors’ money to invest in underlying asset classes by an investment company.
  • These assets classes include: Equity, Property, Bonds and Cash.  These assets classes can be South African or off-shore.

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Every time you get a salary increase, whether through change of jobs, a promotion or through a performance appraisal, you have the opportunity to do something powerful with it. Instead of inflating your lifestyle to match your new income, here are a few ideas to move you closer to reaching financial independence:

  1. Use your increase to aggressively pay off debt

Debt is like having a rope tied around your ankle pulling a 20kg weight,

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Saving is money set aside for future planned and unplanned (emergency fund) requirements; and the money must be easily accessible. For example, money in a 32-day notice account or a normal savings account.

Saving is important as it does not only create good money habits but having money that is easily accessible for a rainy day is one of the best ways to guarantee that you stick to your financial plan. However, most savings plans do not offer an interest rate of more than 6.5%,

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To some the word “investment” can be intimidating and something that is only accessible to the wealthy. And as such it can leave those apathetic, resulting in a reluctance to understand the importance of investing and the critical role it plays in one’s future prosperity. Other jargon and seemingly technical areas such as taxation, legislation and of course risk scare people even further away from engaging with their investment needs.
However, the truth is that if you are employed and are a member of a retirement (either pension or provident) fund you are already investing.

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