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What’s Your Money Personality?

Ever wondered what your money personality is?


The spender loves to make money and spend it. They convince themselves that they work too hard and therefore they deserve to enjoy their money. They give little to no thought about savings or investments. They are all about instant gratification. They assume ‘something will come up’ as they spend their last couple of Rands! They are normally in debt          and even if they manage to pay their debts, they find themselves in the same situation a few months down the line. They        have not cultivated good money habits.


There is nothing that gives the saver more pleasure than knowing they have money at all times. They live for balancing their numbers, patting themselves on the back for saving a higher amount than they did the previous month! They feel secure only when their savings are at a specific level. They become miserable and a little grumpy if their savings are not at the minimum amount at which they prefer them.

They are sometimes risk averse, although they save, they do not go further and invest. They find putting money in the bank more secure. They do not want to lose any money.


The avoider would rather not get into the topic of money at all. They can talk about anything and everything money can buy, but will never talk about money itself. They work, earn an income, spend and get involved very little when it comes to meaningful purchases such as investments, retirement or insurance. Their financial life is foreign to them. They do not actively look at ways in which they can improve their money management skills.


As the name says, the money monk has mastered their finances. They have a good balance between saving, investing and spending. They are comfortable to talk about their finances. It gives them pleasure to look for new opportunities to make their money work for them. They are prudent but they also enjoy their money. They are normally focused on increasing their net worth.


Oh poor Cinderella!

They think that there will always be someone to take care of their bills. They cannot fathom making a financial decision for themselves, someone else will. They are not concerned about budgeting, what is a budget anyway! They have no slightest interest in learning about their personal finances or how they can improve themselves financially.



Whatever your money personality, find and explore ways in which you are comfortable approaching the topic of money. Put systems and checks in place for you to grow financially. Don’t let your ‘personality’ get in the way of building wealth.

After reading this, what do you think is your money personality?



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