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What is the one money message you grew up hearing?

In my podcasts, I normally ask the person I am interviewing this question: “growing up, what did you hear about money”? I ask this question because for most people, what they hear about money has direct impact on how they handle their own finances into adulthood.

As children, our parents are our biggest influences, whether they are conscious of this or not, children pick up and to some extend internalise this messages.

So, here are a few messages most people have heard about money growing up:

  • money does not grow on trees
  • money is evil and so are rich people
  • money makes people mean
  • we don’t discuss money with kids
  • Just work hard and you will make money
  • Just don’t get into debt and you will be fine
  • You must be thankful that you can at least pay your bills
  • You only live once, spend it all before you die
  • Don’t ask for money, we don’t have it
  • Money won’t make you happy? etc

Whatever you heard about money growing up, especially if it was negative, you have to work towards depositing new positive messages about money into your consciousness. This is why positive money affirmations are so important. Positive money affirmations, once your subconscious mind believes them, your relationship with money improves for the better. This not only helps you but your kids, siblings, nephews and nieces too to have a good relationship with money through the messages you put out.

Here are some positive money affirmations to counter all the negative messages you heard growing up:

  • I have more than enough money
  • I am willing, ready and able to receive money
  • I see abundance everywhere
  • I am a money magnet
  • I am grateful for what I already have and for all that I receive now.
  • I have more than what I need
  • Money now comes to me from unexpected sources & I am grateful
  • My income is growing higher and higher
  • I am a rich child of a loving universe
  • I have the power to attract money
  • I receive money happily now
  • Money flows to me easily
  • I am sensible with money and manage it wisely.


Tribe, what messages did YOU hear about money growing up? (Have you managed to overcome the negative messages?)


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