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The Personal Finance Mastery workshop, what to expect.

Hi Tribe

So, the Personal Finance Mastery workshop is around the corner and I just wanted to give you some insight into what to expect on the day.

I am super excited as this will be the first of many ‘classroom-like’ workshops I will be hosting. Why go smaller when you can go bigger you ask? Because this way, I get to tackle all your questions, worries and have you walk away with a solid plan of what you should do next in your finances.

I will go through 7 pillars of a healthy financial life:

  • Mindset – get your mind right
  • A Budget that works – draw up a budget that you love, one that gives you the enjoyment you want
  • Debt Blitzer- how to pay off debt and stay debt-free
  • Start Investing now – practical steps to get you investing within the next 7 days OR review your current             investments to see if you are on the right track
  • Risk – why I need to protect myself and how much is enough
  • My ‘golden years’ – retirement shouldn’t be boring
  • Goal setting – future me exercise
  • And lastly… I give you the inside information into what some financial services companies don’t want you         to know!!!



R700 gives you access to the workshop, a money workbook, a follow-up webinar and refreshments on the day.

Think of the Personal Finance Masterclass as the class you never took in varsity, the actual stuff they should be teaching in school…the best R700 you will spend!

Breakfast and lunch will be served on the day accompanied by wine and networking afterwards…wine anyone?


….The proof is in the pudding, right?


This is what my other clients have to say:

Hi Mapalo,
I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching session. I appreciate how we went through my bank statements, delved into my spending habits and explored ways which I could limit my spending.  You were right when you said CASH IS KING. This has saved me a lot of bank fees as I no longer swipe my card for everything.
After the session, you sent me my budget and detailed feedback of our session. The budget was tailor-made to suit my needs and included everything which I spend my money on ( ie hair, entertainment etc).
Included in the feedback back is a FUTURE ME page.  Every time I feel despondent about my finances and feel the urge to splurge I think about FUTURE ME in Italy with my girls, on a fully paid trip sipping someone wine.
During the session, you advised that I start investing.  I knew nothing about investing and admit that I was rather sceptical about it.  You gave me more information about it in your feedback and encouraged it in our follow up video session. I heeded your advise and now have a Unit Trust, an ETF and a Retirement Annuity where I deposit money every month.
We also discussed the benefits of personal insurance and I can happily say that I have a disability and dreads disease cover.
For  “out of nowhere suddenly damaged tyres”, I rest easy knowing that I have an emergency fund to cover all that.
The coaching session made me realise that my finances were not the big bad wolve that I was running away from.  The feedback you prepared for me showed me that there were ways in which I could make my money work for me. I learned through the sessions that managing my finances can be fun. I no longer find myself in a state of anxiety every month, wondering how I am going to get through the month.
Thank you for saving a girl some money. Myself and I are going on a date in two weeks to discuss,  amongst others,  how our money will work for us this December. I promise we’ll think about you.
Cheers,  Tshidi
I look forward to seeing you all there!

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