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Starting a family is a big milestone, it brings excitement and a bit of anxiety at the same time. Unfortunately for women, starting a family does carry a price tag; women often have to take maternity leave and, in many instances, this means taking a pay cut for a couple of months until they get back to work.

Not only that, but studies also show that women will often forego a promotion, or a career move in order to take care of their family;

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 The dynamics of the traditional family unit are changing worldwide; more and more households are being headed by women and South Africa is no exception.

According to Stats SA General Household report, women head almost four out of ten South African households (37.9%). The majority of children (43.1%) live only with their mothers, in sharp contrast with the much smaller percentage (3.3%) who live only with their fathers, while only one-third (33.8%) of children live with both parents.

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