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It’s important to understand which RA will suit your lifestyle

A retirement annuity (RA) is a pension plan designed for individuals to build up and accumulate money for retirement in a tax efficient way. It is a vehicle to save towards retirement.

Some benefits of an RA

  • You don’t pay tax on RA investment returns, such as interest income, dividends and capital gains.
  • The maximum tax-beneficial contribution is up to 27.5% of the greater remuneration or taxable income,

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Starting can be the hardest part about investing. With all the jargon and unlimited fund options available, it can be very intimidating. Let me help you demystify all of this for you.

Join me on Instagram Live -Thursday 8th June at 7pm. I will focus on the following:

  • Option between Unit Trusts, Exchange Traded Funds or Tax-Free Savings Accounts
  • Costs
  • Risk
  • What kind of investor are you
  • How to read a fund fact sheet

Bring as many questions as you would like!

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