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That time of the year again; the tax season is officially in full swing. For those who don’t know exactly when it runs, this year it started from 1 July and will end 31 October 2018.

For many, filing taxes creates a lot of anxiety and most people leave it to the very last day…I have been here myself! But I believe in facing things head on, whether you do get a refund or you end up owing SARS,

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I do both my own and family’s tax returns (yes, they trust me like that) and every year without fail, I get some money from good old SARS. I get so excited at the thought of getting money from SARS, I even plan what I am going to do with the money J !!!! I know you are guilty of it too!

In the 2015 tax season SARS paid out 1.82 million refunds to the value of R15 billion – perhaps you too were lucky enough and got a piece of the pie that year.

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