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Whether you want to start saving, investing or to pay off debt, it might seem impossible with your budget. Well, that’s what most people feel when approaching their finances; that there isn’t enough money to start with. But I want to show you a couple of places to look in your current budget to find the extra fat!


You knew this was coming. Your DStv subscription is easily one of the things you can do without.

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Well, your spending habits are sabotaging you!

We’ve all been there, get paid today and half way through the month, dololo! Barely any money left in the account. And the circle continues, living from pay check to pay check. This is frustrating right? How can you get out of this circle you ask?

While answers like: get a new job with a better salary, start a business which will hopefully thrive quickly or win the lotto etc.

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Saving is money set aside for future planned and unplanned (emergency fund) requirements; and the money must be easily accessible. For example, money in a 32-day notice account or a normal savings account.

Saving is important as it does not only create good money habits but having money that is easily accessible for a rainy day is one of the best ways to guarantee that you stick to your financial plan. However, most savings plans do not offer an interest rate of more than 6.5%,

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