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The old way of thinking about retirement is becoming less and less attractive to the younger generation. It used to be that you work for one or two companies, have a career spanning +/- 40 years and only retire at age 65.

There is a generation of growing voices who want to retire early. Retirement has always been looked at from an age perspective and this way of thinking assumes that if you work for long enough and save money over 40 years,

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Every time you get a salary increase, whether through change of jobs, a promotion or through a performance appraisal, you have the opportunity to do something powerful with it. Instead of inflating your lifestyle to match your new income, here are a few ideas to move you closer to reaching financial independence:

  1. Use your increase to aggressively pay off debt

Debt is like having a rope tied around your ankle pulling a 20kg weight,

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With the tough economic climate, saving or investing money can be challenging, let alone saving for retirement – something that is seemingly centuries away! Statistics show that only 6% of South Africans retire financial independent. I don’t know about you, but I definitely want to be part of this number. More than that, we can change this number if we start taking retirement seriously.

Whatever your financial obligations i.e rent/bond, school fees, groceries or “black tax”

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Retirement is sometimes seen as very far away for young people, but it creeps up on you suddenly and if you did not provide properly, retirement will be a very stressful event in your life. We just need to do a little bit from very early in life to make it easier.

When you retire, there are two baskets of assets that you need to have.

  • The first one comes from Pension funds,

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