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Hi Tribe,

Last week Friday, I did a one-on-one coaching with a very money savvy lady who just needed a bit of direction in terms of the different investments available in the market. What struck me about her was her determination and astuteness in managing her money.

She’s young, earns an income between R10K-R15K, for some, this does not sound like it’s a lot, but what she has managed to do with her income is astounding!

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Buying property is probably the one of the most financially significant purchases you will make – it is therefore worthwhile to do your research and gather as many facts (both advantages and disadvantages) as possible.

Here are 5 things to consider before you buy a property:

  1. Clean up your credit score

The first thing banks look at is your credit score. A credit score tells a potential money lender how well you manage your finances and pay your financial obligations.

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Congratulations, you’ve finally put away the 10% or 20% deposit required to purchase your first home. All those months of being frugal have finally paid off; staying in instead of nights out with friends, packing your own lunch and enjoying the cheap office coffee instead of going across the office for that delicious yet expensive Espresso. It was no easy task, but you did it!

Before you put in the offer, read the following hidden costs that normally shock a first time home buyer.

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