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This year, I will be giving away more downloadable resources to help you on your financial journey. My whole aim is that each and every one of the Tribe becomes confident about their personal finances, no matter where in the journey they are. I want to show you how easy and (possibly fun) having control of your money can be.

Today, I have the Net Worth template for you to download. I often say that this is one of my favourite calculations because it reflects how my financial decisions are impacting my net worth.

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  1. Thinking you will only start saving when you have more money.

When I was in varsity, I had a part-time job that paid me peanuts (as most jobs do when you are in varsity!) but of that meagre amount, I decided I would put away R150 per month and I have continued with my little pot of savings even after university.

I know the situation is different for everyone but the point is,

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