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Last week, I did a radio interview on how to deal with financially abusive relationships, and I realized that a majority of people get into relationships but hardly ever talk about how they will manage their finances as a unit.

From the time you say ‘yes’, the next question should be what marriage contract will you enter into. Unfortunately, many couples don’t discuss all the options available to them.

I think it’s difficult to have this type of conversation because essentially,

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Marriage brings about a variety of rights and obligations for the parties involved and the manner in which one is married would cause the relationship between the two to differ. It feels a little distasteful to draw up a contract in case of divorce, when you haven’t even walked down the aisle, but the reality is that it isn’t only divorce for which the contract has implications. It affects your married life as well.
The default – in community of property
If you don’t draw up an antenuptial agreement in South Africa then your marriage automatically defaults to ‘in community of property’,

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