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To Celebrate International Women’s day, I talked to Kirshni Totaram, Global Head of Institutional Business at Coronation and boy is she a powerhouse! She is a CFA charter holder and a qualified Actuary.


Kirshni’s background

Kirshni grew up with a single mom and money was always tight, but thankfully, she was very good at Maths. Her guidance counsellor advised her to further her studies in Actuarial Science…because naturally that’s what you study when you are good with Maths,

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We all want the best for our children and this means giving them a good education to ensure that they become both financially independent and fulfilled in whatever career they choose; and being a mom to a 1.5 year old son I know this all too well.

Not only do parents have to worry about their emergency funds, paying the bond, saving for retirement and just the daily grind of making a living;

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To some the word “investment” can be intimidating and something that is only accessible to the wealthy. And as such it can leave those apathetic, resulting in a reluctance to understand the importance of investing and the critical role it plays in one’s future prosperity. Other jargon and seemingly technical areas such as taxation, legislation and of course risk scare people even further away from engaging with their investment needs.
However, the truth is that if you are employed and are a member of a retirement (either pension or provident) fund you are already investing.

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