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Hi Tribe,

So in late August, I had the tv on, getting ready to go to church, an advert came on about Impact Farming. I had heard the advert on radio before but never followed up on it. When I saw it on tv I finally decided to check it out!

My world has changed since!!! I have never been so excited about Investing as I have been with the Fedgroup Impact Farming app!

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Investing made simple – 5 tips

In my workshops and speaking events, women always ask me: “how do I invest”, “which investment should I pursue”, “which has the highest return” etc. There is no one size fits all type of investment. However, there a few principles that make investing less intimidating.

Below are 5 of my favourite principles that make navigating the investment landscape easier:



Doing anything without a goal is like running a marathon without the finish line.

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