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Hey Tribe,

What a year this has been so far! With all the hope we had of 20plenty it seems like covid19 has put a damper on things. We had all written down our goals and were ready to smash them. Covid19 has affected life as we know it.

With that being said, I am an optimist at heart and I always believe in looking at things that I can control.

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Tribe, my hope for you this year is to be courageous in the decisions and actions you take in your finances to build real wealth. I always talk about real wealth, but what is it really? It can mean different things for different people, but since this is a blog about money… it is:

  • The ability to take care of your needs and family’s needs without being worried when the next paycheck is coming.

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Well, your spending habits are sabotaging you!

We’ve all been there, get paid today and half way through the month, dololo! Barely any money left in the account. And the circle continues, living from pay check to pay check. This is frustrating right? How can you get out of this circle you ask?

While answers like: get a new job with a better salary, start a business which will hopefully thrive quickly or win the lotto etc.

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