Tag: Festive season spending

The festive season is fast approaching and with all the braais, cocktail lunches with the girls, travelling with family and the Christmas lunch, your budget can easily be thrown out the window, giving you a financial hangover come January.

Here are some tips to stay on top of your finances throughout the holidays:


  1. Budget for your holiday expenditure

It’s easy to throw caution to the wind with all the festivities happening this time of the year.

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The festive season is approaching fast upon us, whilst this means getting some well needed rest, spending time with family and friends and going on holidays, we can find ourselves overspending on food, gifts and entertainment.

Unfortunately, however, when the calendar turns to January, the negative effects of overspending begin to set in; having to sustain your lifestyle via overdraft or credit card because all the money was spend on ‘baecations’, popping expensive bottles,

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