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 I often chuckle at headlines like ‘self-made multimillionaire’ because there aren’t really ‘self-made’ millionaires or billionaires. Sure, as an entrepreneur, you do most of the grinding by yourself until you hire the right people. But so many people help you along the way, from the support of your family to people who buy into your idea; for you to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need a lot of cheering and support along the way.


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My journey as an entrepreneur started about 2 and a half years ago, after having worked for an employee benefits company for almost 5 years!

I had always known that I would not be employed by someone forever but I had no clue how or when I would become a full-time businesswoman.

In 2016 I decided to start blogging about personal finance because I wanted to bring a young voice to the topic of money.

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