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Personal Finance website and shows I love!

Hi Tribe, all the time you hear me say educate yourself, educate yourself right? I believe that if you want to become good at something, you have to spend time educating yourself and improve your skills.

You might not want to teach personal finance but for you to master your money, you need to at least build a foundation.

So, what websites, TV shows or content do I like to consume to help me be better at my money and get inspiration to give good, valuable content on Woman & Finance?


HERE ARE MY TOP 5 (…so far)!



  1. Stock Watch on DSTV channel 412 (Business Day TV)

Now you know why I will never completely let go of DSTV! I love the show because it’s a South African show and it talks about stocks/shares on the JSE, which I can relate to. Everyday on the show, guests answer questions about specific shares from the viewers; this gives you a sense of which shares investors and experts like and don’t like.

Channel 412 Business Day TV in general has really good content on all personal finance and money matters. It’s the one channel that stays on at my place.


  1. Maya on Money

If you follow Woman & Finance closely, you will know I did a podcast on Maya Fisher-French, now Maya for me is the OG money maven! When I started working at my previous job, I remember telling the marketing guy that I want to start a blog on personal finance (that was in 2013!) and he directed me to Maya’s website. I have loved her since. Her advice is solid and she has the experience and skill to back it up.

Check her website out on: www.mayaonmoney.co.za



  1. Bloomberg (channel 411 on DSTV)

Again, DSTV!!! I have to admit, sometimes I don’t fully understand what they are talking about but I love getting a sense of what’s happening in the world market. We do not operate in isolation. Remember in the 2008 world recession, the saying was- if the USA/Europe sneezes, the whole world catches a cold.

Bloomberg also has a mobile app if you are not on DSTV premium.


  1. MoneyWeb

Moneyweb has been my source of information for as long as I can remember; they have the most relevant news on investing and personal finance and they explore how current affairs affect our money. Their content is so valuable that they have free subscription and paid subscription. Their paid subscription is around R63 per month, giving you insights and more valuable information you can access at anytime.

Check it out on: www.moneyweb.co.za


  1. The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield on Talk Radio 702


Really one of my favorite shows on Radio, I love how Bruce breaks down personal finance with his guests. He interviews leaders in business and they talk about how they manage their money. (If you want to be rich, learn from those who have walked the path!)

Catch him everyday at 6pm on Talk Radio 702


What are some of your favourite websites, podcasts…content to consume to get better with your money?



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