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Love & Money: How to talk to your partner about money

Some couples find it extremely hard to talk about money. The topic of money merely starts and ends at who pays which bills around the house…and that’s it!

Money can be a sensitive topic if both of you have not made a habit of discussing your aspirations and goals when it comes to money from the early stages of your relationship.

You want to talk about money with your partner without the awkwardness but don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips:


  • Tell a story

Perhaps you are enjoying dinner together or just watching some TV, breezily tell him of a friend or colleague who just bought shares, received an inheritance or has made a bad financial decision and ask him what he thinks. His answer will give you an indication of how comfortable your partner is talking about money.

Take it a step further by letting him know your thoughts around the story you just told him. From then on, ask your partner what money means to them, hopefully this can get the conversation going.


  • Stay positive and be honest

Nothing will kill the conversation faster than being negative and not telling the whole truth when it comes to money.  If either one of you have been reckless with money, forgive yourself for you past money mistakes, learn from them and focus on getting it right this time around. Always be open with your partner about money, you will see, this increases trust and accountability within the relationship as well.


  • Set a date with your partner to do some goal setting

The New Year gives us the opportunity to think about what we want to achieve in the next 12 months. What better way then, to bring your finances into the topic with your partner? This will give you a feeling of starting afresh as you set financial goals together. Some ideas to keep the line of communication open about money is to put down your money goals on a vision board or setting a money date every two weeks or so to see if both of you are on track with your goals.

Read http://womanandfinance.co.za/ladies-time-took-money-date/ to give you an idea of a ‘money date’.



You will see that overtime, the conversations get less awkward and become much easier. Once you start achieving your financial goals together, it creates an atmosphere to explore more and learn more about money, investing and even teaching your children about money since both parents are now comfortable talking about money.


I wish you all the best!






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