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Impact Investing: Enjoying the benefits of farming without the hassle!

Hi Tribe,

So in late August, I had the tv on, getting ready to go to church, an advert came on about Impact Farming. I had heard the advert on radio before but never followed up on it. When I saw it on tv I finally decided to check it out!

My world has changed since!!! I have never been so excited about Investing as I have been with the Fedgroup Impact Farming app! (PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS NOT PAID ADVERTISING, THEY ARE NOT PAYING FOR THIS 🙂


OK, so what’s the excitement about?

From the time you download the app and actually start investing, can take you all 10-minutes! No crazy amount of paperwork and very user-friendly.

You have an option to invest in one of the three offerings on the app, namely:

  1. Solar – From as little as R5,000.00 you can earn up to 10% returns
  2. Blueberries – From R300.00, you can earn up to 12% returns.
  3. Beehives – From R 4,000.00 you can earn up to 14% returns

So how does it work, you ask?

Once you have purchased your assets, sit back and relax. FedGroup installs or plants them on their approved farms. Along with your fellow Impact Farmers, you can rest assured your assets are being cared for by commercial farmers.

Easy right!

But hold on…Before you can invest know that since you are buying an actual plant, beehive or solar panel, you are locked in for the full lifespan of that asset, which is 8 years, 10 years or 20 years, respectively. This makes it a great investment for someone who wants to invest for the Long-term only.

You can download the app in Google Play or Apple App Store.

Happy Investing!

Tell me your thoughts on the app and how easy or difficult it was using it?







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