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Financial Needs Hierarchy

Woman & Finance recently hosted the Money Bootcamp, the Tribe came out in their numbers and tickets were sold out! The event got great reviews from attendees, even giving us tips for future events…go tribe! I will share one with you:

“The Money Bootcamp was an amazing experience for me as it gave me so much insight on how to manage my finances and also plan for the future. My outlook on money has changed so much that I have already setup my money date.. Being in the presence of strong, confident and money conscious women (not forgetting how gorgeous everyone looked) who are facing the same issues as I am was more than inspiring.

So thank you Mapalo for this great initiative to help other women like us who obviously needed that Bootcamp in order to get us well on our way to have a healthy relationship with our finances. I am looking forward to many more of these bootcamps and my eyes will definitely be glued to your pages. I loved ALL the speakers, just wish we could have been there all day.. And ofcourse the champagne tasting was amazing! What a different yet liberating experience. Once again, thank you!


Mokgadi Raganya”

SOOO, get your tickets on time for the next one…**hint, hint**


I shared this Financial Needs Hierarchy pyramid at the event, much like Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, the Financial needs Hierarchy resembles milestones in one’s wealth management and creation journey:

What are your thoughts on the Financial Needs Hierarchy? Where are you currently and what are you actively doing to get to the top of the pyramid?

In case you missed it, here are some pictures from the Money Bootcamp:


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