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6 TED Talks about money and career you must watch.

Hey Tribe, here are some of my favourite TED Talks. I hope they inspire you to see money differently and your career differently. #financialinspo

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1.  Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll – How I learned to read and trade stocks

If there is a guy who proves that ANYONE can be financially literate is this guy. He taught himself how to read financial statements, trade stocks and invest.

If he can, you can definitely do the same too.



2. Shivani Siroya – A smart loan for people with no credit history (yet)

Shivani looks into what goes into calculating your credit score… think of it as a guide to your banker’s mind on whether to grant you credit or not.


3. Shlomo Benartzi – Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow
Shlomo disrupts the way we think about money altogether, diving deep into behavioural finance. He shows that financial literacy is 20% head knowledge and 80% behaviour!
4.Susan Colantuono – The career advice you probably didn’t get 

Susan shows how and why conventional career advice, specifically to women has not worked. Why most women do not move from middle management to more senior and executive positions in an organisation. Of course this affects the earning potential of women. Do yourself a favour and watch this.


5. Preet Banerjee –  Why 2.5 billion heartbeats might change the way you think about money

Preet advocates why you should hate and frown upon (bad) debt. He looks at the prevalent lifestyle inflation problem in society. Must watch.


6. Alexa von Tobel – Life-Changing Class You Never Took

I feel like if (or when) I ever give a TED Talk, this is more of how it would go. As a financial literacy advocate and coach, I see just how most people make bad financial decisions due to lack of financial education. This shows just how different one’s life can be if they make the right financial moves and decisions.


Let me know which one was your favourite.


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