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5 Money Moves to make in your 30s that will pay off later!

Chances are if you are in your 30s or like myself and you’ve just turned 30, you look at your finances with a bit of mixed emotions. From my side, I continue to learn and implement strategies that will get me to financial success, I live way below my means, I save and invest for things that are important to me; while still building a business at the same time.

Time is on your side, the decisions you make now will have a huge impact on your future. I know every situation is very different but there are some key money moves you should at least try to implement in your 30s (If you haven’t done so in your 20s):

1. Get back to basics, live below your means.

I can never say this enough: You cannot build wealth if you are spending every cent you make on consumption goods, rather consciously save and invest. If you have created bad debt, commit to getting rid of it. Remember compound interest plays a big role in your investments, the earlier you start, the more it will work in your favour.


2. Do think about Retirement and save for it

If your employer has a Pension/Provident fund, take advantage of it, if you can afford to contribute more, do so. You can further implement a Retirement Annuity in your own personal capacity. If you you are self-employed or a freelancer, a Retirement Annuity is definitely advisable.

3. Don’t cash out your Pension/Provident fund

A lot of the times when people change employers, they see it as an opportunity to dip their fingers




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