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4 Benefits You Should Negotiate, Other Than A Salary

“Let us never negotiate out of fear but let us never fear to negotiate.” -John F. Kennedy


So let’s say you are accepting a new job or a promotion, your first instinct is to focus on the salary only right? It is a mistake many people make, especially women since they hardly negotiate their salaries. While yes, the goal is to increase your take home, there are other benefits you can negotiate with your employer that will in the long run leave you richer.

1.  Cellphone

We all know how expensive data and making calls especially during the day can be in S.A, if you find yourself calling clients from your own phone a lot, perhaps it is time to negotiate to have a cellphone that your employer pays for. Just remember it is a work phone (think of the FNB employees on whatsapp mess)


2. Transport

Whether you are always on the road seeing clients or desk-bound, negotiating with your employer to pay for your cost of fuel can save you tons of money, leaving you with more of your salary.


3. Studies and Professional Development Programs

We all know tuition fees don’t come cheap, if you want to continue your studies, negotiate with your employer to pay for your fees. It takes off a huge financial burden from you… all you need to do is pass your exams 🙂

For Professional Development Programs, identify programs you want to enrol for, show your employer how you doing the program will make you a better employee and ofcourse contribute to your employer’s bottom line.


4. Pension/ Provident Fund

If your employer does offer a retirement fund either in the form of Pension or Provident fund, ask that they match your contribution. This will accelerate the growth of your Retirement fund quicker meaning more money for your “golden years”.


What other things would you negotiate or have negotiated before?




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