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3 Quick and Easy ways to improve your finances now!

1. Request a free credit report

If you ever need to access credit, hopefully for good debt, i.e. to buy Property, a student loan or to fund your growing business, lenders look to your credit score. You should know what they will see even before they do. It is easy and quick, you can request it online and receive it within minutes.


…are just some of the few that offer free credit reports

2. Automate your savings

I am certain this is the 3rd law in the ‘wealth creation bible ‘( I  haven’t read this bible but I sure have read a lot of books on finance). Automate, Automate, Automate. When you automate, you are simply mitigating against your own self and any ‘unforeseen’ situations that may occur and throw you off budget and savings goals. AUTOMATE

3. Shop around for a high interest rate on your savings account

Even though we can agree that savings accounts do not give very high returns, it is still worthwhile to shop around for higher interest bearing savings accounts for money that you will need in the short-term or general savings. No need to be loyal to institutions that aren’t necessarily loyal to you sis! They are in the business of making money; you are in the business of keeping and making your money work for you. Shop around!


***disclaimer: the websites above are not recommendations, they merely provide a guidance to an array of websites available on the market for credit reports***


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