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5 Habits of Financially Savvy Women

The year is well under way, the first quarter of the year is done and dusted just like that!!! I hope you have achieved most of your goals for the first quarter. Keep focused and you will reach your money goals…and as a money savvy woman, these are some of the habits I know you have adopted 🙂


1. She Budgets 3-6 months in advance.

Yes, you heard right, 3-6 months in advance. Why? Because there are birthday celebrations, anniversaries, school excursions and holidays etc. throughout the year that you need to budget for.  I turned 30 this year, whoop whoop! and with that comes a lot of friends who are turning 30 as well, who will be wanting to celebrate their birthdays in style…which mean I want to be financially prepared and budget for gifts, eating out, or whichever way they want to celebrate.

You have to think about your expenses into the future and plan accordingly. You have to decide if it is a priority to you and if you can afford it.


2. She is honest with her money journey.

They always say honesty is the best policy, and I couldn’t agree more. First, you have to be honest with yourself about where you are financially, what your priorities are, what financial goal(s) you are truly working towards and be honest with those around you, that is including your partner, family and friends.

Let’s face it, some people may even feel uncomfortable with your new found wokeness when it comes to money but trust me, they will get used to it. #yourmoneyyourrules Don’t be afraid to let them know that you are on a budget.


3. She has a solid plan to create wealth

I find that a lot of people are in trouble and continue being in trouble when it comes to their finances because they have an ‘ostrich attitude’: they know they are in trouble, they know they should do something about it, but because of feeling overwhelmed, they put their heads in the sand and hope somehow the problem goes away! This approach has never worked when it comes to money, actually with most things in life.

A financially savvy woman knows her Net Worth and works diligently to increase it through the following:

  1. She has a plan to eliminate debt
  2. Has a budget and sticks to it
  3. Does not ignore saving for retirement because it looks like it’s far off
  4. Has an emergency fund
  5. Has investment(s) either Unit Trust, ETF, Shares, Rental property, Savings (or is aggressively working towards attaining them)
  6. She has set financial success as a goal

4. She invests time to educate herself about money

I say it all the time, for you to become more confident when it comes to money, you have to educate yourself. You cannot leave your financial education to chance or to your partner. It is so empowering to approach a financial institution well equipped with knowledge than to depend on them to give you the right information.

I cannot say it enough. Educate yourself, Educate yourself, Educate yourself!


5. She never lives a Champagne lifestyle on a beer budget

She will not go broke trying to look rich! She understands that true financial freedom is worth the sacrifice.  She does not support an expensive lifestyle through credit. She earns it, invests and only then does she live it up!

Having money and building wealth creates a sense of peace while living beyond your means is a sure way to cause you stress. Give yourself peach.

Tribe, what habits have you adopted to keep you on top of your money?


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