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Meet the lovely Kholisa Thomas, art advisor and founder of The Art Talks. The Art Talks aims to bridge the gap between artists, art galleries and people who want to consume the art but are historically intimidated by how art has been presented. Kholisa oozes passion for art and life.

On starting “It begins with the inner belief in yourself” – Kholisa Thomas

On marriage & money “My entrepreneurial journey forced us to talk about money”

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Dynamic trailblazer, Mpho Sedibe is the founder and Managing Director of MOPSY Strategic Advisors, an independent consultancy organization dedicated to translating BBBEE legislation into economic value for the beneficiary as well as commercial value for the corporate. With a technical background as a qualified Chartered Accountant, Mpho is able to bring tangible facts and figures to typically softer and intangible areas of business. She is a headstrong and natural leader, putting principles and impact at the forefront of decision-making.

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Meet Nontando Molefe, whose love and passion for jewellery saw her launch Phatsima Jewellery Designs. The company specialises in bespoke,custom made jewellery for males and females.The products are wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, cuff links, money clips and corporate gifting…It’s all about the bling.

Nontando takes us through her journey of having a dream of running her own jewellery design business to owning one and making strides not only in South Africa,

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why cook

Meet Yolanda & Mathapelo, executive chefs behind the catering company WhyCook? In the podcast, they talk to us about their challenges of running a catering company and give their advice to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to get into a similar business.

The duo also talk about the invaluable experience and skills that each bring to the table. They honestly discuss money and their shortcomings and strengths… A podcast you don’t want to miss!

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Meet Monalisa Molefe, owner and Director of Artform Factory, a comprehensive high quality framing solutions company that specialises in the framing of high-end art pieces, memorabilia, mirrors and photos. As their company slogan says: Where there is a WALL, there is a way!

Monalisa’s experience with working with brands like Montblanc, Cartier, Estee Lauder Companies etc puts her in a position to assist her clients with making their spaces feel and look luxurious with framing.

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Meet Henriette Botha, a talented young jewellery designer who founded her company Henriette Botha in 2012. She takes us through her journey from doing a Bcom to studying her true passion, from Joburg to Paris and her luxury designs being recognised globally. She talks about being thrown into the deep end and learning how to swim from there.

Henriette gives you a feel of what a life of an entrepreneur  is like.

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Meet Jess Jorgensen, Director, strategist and African Insights specialist at Instant Grass International. She specialises in documentation and analysis of African youth cultures, working to strategically align companies and brands with their target consumers through collaborative strategic development.

Jess is a true PanAfrican, her love and passion for Africa and everything it has to offer is very evident. Believing that the youth prefer brands that communicate with them rather than just advertising homogeneously to them,

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Zoe Msutwana is the co-founder of mode Brand Studio, a boutique brand design studio that specialises in Brand Design, PR Management, Digital Management and Publishing. She is also the founding editor for GuideToCelebrity.

On the podcast, Zoe talks about facing challenges head on and following your passion against all odds. She discusses the importance of self-belief and resilience.

Zoe is a clear indication that passion pays.

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